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Case Study: UX and Editorial Writing Across Google

I’ve done extensive consulting and studio work with many groups inside Google.

From an essay in the inaugural print edition of Think With Google to researching and building a content strategy for the same property to UX work with the Empathy Lab on product Voice & Tone, my experience spans deep and shallow engagement across many products and teams.

Projects at Uncorked Studios and Fresh Consulting touched BrandLab, Creative Lab, Google Retail, Nest, Android, AppDev and Accessories teams.

Earlier on, Contagious helped develop a content strategy for about.google and built a Creative Leadership muscle together with Google’s Mid-Market Sales clients in its CXO Community.

Nick is one of the best collaborators I’ve ever worked with — as my editor at AdAge’s Digital Next blog and more recently a thought partner for us at Google. A strategic thinker with vast knowledge of current trends … he communicates ideas in compelling and thought-provoking ways. He seems equally comfortable in front of audiences and working behind the scenes and has a genuine enthusiasm for the work.”

Allison Mooney, Head of Publishing, Brand Narrative, Google

Artifacts from these projects are prohibited from public display.

2010 - 2020